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Re: Mamacitas scam
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: luz meneses (
Date:   12-17-04 21:38

Mr. Ingo:

I read your e-mail about Mamasitas and Ocean View,probably you had an isolated bad experience that week in Culebra. I stay in Ocean View many times even before Capt. Luis took over that place and I never had any problem with them, I have not idea wich room you ocupied that week but last time i was there I stay on room #10 wich is small but it have I belive one of the best view, you can see the bay almost compleatly. I stayed in other rooms down stairs of course is not te same view because their are lower but they were very nice and clean. If there is somthing tat I agree with you is abut the food prepare by his mother in te little restaurant they have over there.
I hope that incident don't make you change your mind about Culebra and the beautifull people that lives in there waiting for us (visitors) to get back every year and make us feel like in paradise.
I like to send a happy Hollydays to all the residents of Culebra in especial to Margarita (we love her Mofongos). Luis keep going with the good job you are doing on the Island and i will see you soon.

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