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Harbour View Villas
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeff Donatello (
Date:   12-14-04 14:25

I have been reading negative comments after inquiring about a reservation with Drusco. This is my polite response in cancelling the reservation.


Please cancel our reservation for March (we have yet to send any money anyways). Just to let you know, you lost our business by not having a credit card system and the comments that were made on the web regarding some of the past experiences. You probably are a good businessman and these people are just digruntled but it is too big a risk to send money to you based on these comments. You may want to check it out.

His response:


Mr. Donatello, your reservation is canceled as requested. Hope you find the right place for your family. Please do not call for a reservation at our restaurant either, if you make it our way. We have been offering lodging since 1970 and there will always be a disgruntled client. But I must say that they remain in the low 2% of the total. You would probably be in that 2%, so we are very happy you are not staying with us and causing an unnecessary problem. The gentleman that runs the website you so much like is himself a disgruntled person ( a German national ) that spends some of his time here in Culebra illegally on his boat. We call people like that " boats" if they are American, ( people that have no roots anywhere ). But simply aliens if they are German. The truth is that he wanted me to put an add in his website and I told him "no way ". The internet is the most wonderful thing to use, and if what you want to find is trash, you will certainly find it.

Druso Daubon, Architect, Structural Engineer, Hotelier, Cook ,Fisherman, Ceramist, Aquarist, Farmer, 7th. generation Puerto Rican, father of 3 champion offspring's and cancer survivalist at 63 years old. Try and match that Jeff.

Wow, I guess I made the rigfht decision......3 champion offspring, what are you....a horse :)

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