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Re: Mamacitas scam
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Ingo Fast (
Date:   12-09-04 21:18

... we were no the only tourists that were bumped from Mamacitas to Ocean View, there was at least one other group or couple that stayed at Ocean View whose reservation at Mamacitas was not honored, and that was in a very short time period only. Besides, like I described in the forum, we got conflicting information as to why we couldn't have the room: first Nelly told us that there was a plumbing problem, then she said the room was occupied.

I also want to say that Luis treated us very well at Ocean View, and he is a sympathetic host who runs a decent guest house (with, like I mentioned before, a great little gem of an authentic roof top restaurant run by his parents) - although we still feel that we paid Mamacitas rates for windowless Ocean View rooms which we felt at the time were not in the same tier. But I want to make clear that our criticizm and disappointment is mainly directed toward the owner of Mamacitas who confronted us with a very unfriendly and disrespectful attitude, and was dishonest to us as to the reasons why she couldn't honor our reservation without any remorse - until now!

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