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Re: Recommendations!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debra (
Date:   03-27-03 20:19

You're quite welcome!'re staying at Mamacita's?! Okay, just don't forget to pack the ear-plugs and you'll be fine! (just kidding, well...sort of). Here's the deal, Mamacita's is probably the most popular place in a town that doesn't have a ton of places to hang out in to begin with, so, people do party there and it can get pretty noisy in the evening. (Our guesthouse was right across the canal from Mamacita's). Their Happy Hours are pretty busy and on Saturday nights they have a band and alot of bongo drums! The up-side is that I think the bar closes there at 11:00pm so the noise won't keep you up ALL night! Then of course there's the towns traffic noises!<grin>. We didn't dine there otherwise I'd tell you about the quality of the food but we did check out their posts for a few daily dinner menus and the average dinner entree runs about $17 - $23.00/pp.

I did hear there was a liquor store on the island but we didn't check it out....

We really enjoyed our visit though. Last year we travelled to Italy, Ireland, London & Wales and did the whole tourist, gotta-go-see-and-do-everything bit and to be honest having nothing to do on Culebra but relax, swim, eat, drink etc. was great!

Hope this helped! Have a wonderful holiday!


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