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our recent trip
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tanya Worden (
Date:   05-30-16 08:17

Well we just spent two and a half weeks on Culebra and we had a fabulous time!! I want to tell you about it so it may help those planning a visit. I know when we were planning we looked to the forum for info and hoped to hear some tidbits of what to except. We have always learned some great things for our trips using the forum. Two great tips for general beach vacations is to put a gallon of water in the jeep to rinse your feet. And put a sheet down in the back to put your sandy chairs and cooler on.

We flew from Burlington Vt leaving at 6:00. Of course had a layover and then another one in San Juan. We chose to fly direct from there with Cape Air rather than fly from Ceiba or take the ferry. We were able to hang out and have a beer and wait for our flight. We had a great pilot and only us and one other person on board. The flight is quick, pretty and painless. The landing is so fun! It all adds to the experienc, you know you love it when you get home and can say you flew on a plane that seats 9, flys in between hillsides and you walk on the runway to get out. Of course we grabbed a bushwhacked right away from the wonderful lady at Cafe Delizioso right in the airport. Ah so refreshing! Then wandered across the street to Jerrys Jeep. Rented a Jeep and it was brand new, bonus. We got our map and general info from Jerry who is a very nice man.

We went to Milka to stock up for the night. We did send a package down ahead with all our toiletries, sunscreen, bug spray and some food items we wanted. This allowed us to do carry on only and that worked well. We did bring a small soft cooler with some frozen meat, cheese, salami, etc. We grabbed beer, milk, rum, juice and some crackers. The folks are really nice in Milka, generally everyone we came across was very friendly. Though sometimes hard to chat as we don't speak Spanish. Makes me want to learn now. Milka has everything you need, as much as you might not think so looking at the outside and how small it is. Every inch top to bottom has stuff. We never had a problem and we went there often. You may have to have a second choice for beer but otherwise it was great.

We parked in the lot next to Milka and that is where the Seafood Paradise truck is. We got some takeout and headed to our villa. We met our greeter on our way and she guided us to Casa Sueno, which is out by Zoni beach. The island is small and easy to figure out but we were fried from our travels and it was nice to just follow her. Our villa was on the hill over looking Maglar Bay and the view was awesome! So peaceful. She showed us in and was on her way. We chilled on the deck for a bit and had a beer. We didn't really unpack much as we didn't bring much. A bathing suit, a couple tshirts, a pair or two of shorts, you get the idea. The bedroom had air conditioning which we turned on. Not that the breeze wasn't amazing but one of us is a bug magnet and gets eaten alive. During the day ok you battle them but at night nope! We ate and then laid in bed and watched a movie and relaxed. For the next two and half weeks we woke up to that gorgeous view, enjoyed our coffee on the deck and watched the Pelicans dive in the bay for their breakfast. It was so peaceful. We really enjoy being off the beaten track and usually try to go to the quiet areas. We found it. The nice part was we were ale to walk or run every morning on the quiet dirt roads. We explored every around every turn and found ourselves looking at some amazingly gorgeous places. Views, woods, beaches. Of course it was hot walking/ running and we brought lots of water but you see so much you would normally pass by. Animals, plants, flowers, insects even. And people. We met a few nice folks on our walks and had we been driving we never would have met them. We went out for some night walks too as it was a full moon while we were there and the weather was so nice when. We had a rain shower one morning for an hour and one night for a bit but that was it. It was either sunny or partly cloudy the rest of the time. We welcome the shade at any beach and would only really hang out on the ones you could get some. We have sun shirts too and they help.

We explored every inch of Culebra. If we didn't walk there we drove. All the side roads even some you are like really this is going somewhere. We do live in a rural part of Vt so we are used some crazy dirt roads. The island is so pretty and clean. We loved the landscape, people, colors, architecture, all of it. It felt like a real place, not the typical tourist island. No offense to those places as we all have different interests. Ok I'm rambling. We went to all the beaches. Flamenco ( pretty, great for walking and nice to have drinks available though we don't mind packing our own and usually do) Zoni ( our favorite as it was 5 mins from the villa plus it is beautiful and great for walking) Tortola beach which you hike to from Zoni) Playa Larga a short walk from the villa ( not much there but a rock beach) Tamarindo ( of course saw the turtles and some other cool stuff, also rock beach) Melones ( rock beach but awesome snorkel! Saw one of the biggest barracuda we've seen yet. Just went about our way) Carlos Rosario ( a hike from Flamenco but worth it. Except when the snorkel tours come but they don't stay long. Some folks do stay with their own boats and that can be good or bad depending on the group. Good snorkeling. We saw a nice size Spotted eagle ray, a first for us) Solado was the aboslutley most beautiful but sadly had no shade. Good snorkeling too) Brava ( a decent hike and a great waking beach. No shade and rough water so we didn't stay long. We were the only ones there) Reseca ( again a decent hike. Great waking beach with a touch of shade. We were the only ones there) I think I got them all. We of course brought lots of water for every adventure as it is hot and you sweat for sure! We ate in as we had a great villa and don't mind eating in. We would usually pack snacks and drinks to bring to the beach. We did take out a few times and ate out of course. Vibra Verde great breakfast. Pan Deli (only had a pastry) Seafood Paradise a few times for takeout, loved it! Zaco Taco a couple of times, stayed there to eat as well as takeout, yum! Krusty Krab, ate there and it was awesome! Best ceviche! They are moving so look for them at heir new location. It's BYOB so we grabbed a beer from the bar next door wish I knew the name. Dinghy Dock a few times and it was good. We had drinks and apps, dinner, just drinks. The tarpon were fun as well as the fishing bats. El Eden, food was tasty, a bit heavy for the weather but we did order risotto, what were we thinking. El Panino, got a cubano for the beach and it was delicious! Mamacitas, a few times, drinks and apps, tasty. D's Garden, stopped for juices often, try the Guanabana, yum! And had burgers one night, nice folks and tasty. Saw their plant nursery up the road too. Of course kiosks at Flamenco, # 2 and 3 had great drinks and are nice folks. # 6 we had empandadillas and they were yummy. There was a parking lot in town we used and that was handy. It was quiet in town while we were there and street parking was easy too. We stopped at the gift shop across from the parking lot and the woman in there was super friendly! Everyone was kind while we were there. The culture and feel is so nice. We really, really enjoyed our time!! But shh it's a secret because you don't want the word to get out and have it spoil the place. We will be back!

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