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Ferry and lodging
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Karin V (
Date:   02-03-16 13:10


Planning a trip in April for 3 nights. Is the ferry really as bad as it sounds? We are coming from Gran Melia Hotel, so would have to taxi to the ferry. If I buy tickets online will I be guaranteed a spot?

Also what are some of your favorite places to stay. I have been looking on VBRO and trip advisor but it gets overwhelming.

Last, whats the best way (service) to get to Culebrita?

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Re: Ferry and lodging
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: William Keyworth (
Date:   03-08-16 14:46

hi karin,

assuming the gran melia is in san juan, you're looking at about an $80 taxi fare to fajardo - see if you can find someone to share the ride with. we opted to stay in fajardo for the night, then take the early ferry out. the ferry is not bad at all, unless the weather is horrible and the seas are high. i personally love a wild ride, but i am sailor, so it comes with the territory! :-) i would not do the online tickets for the ferry, just get there very early and wait in line. (online tickets are $15 extra for a $4 fare for the online service charge) bring bug spray.

there are some cool finds on airbnb, but don't expect luxury and super clean, bug-free places anywhere on culebra. it's totally like roughing it in style, and if a spider or lizard (both friendly, of course) in your place will give you a fit, then think twice about coming. we are living in their space and not the other way around.

ask around about how to get to culebrita - there are water taxis, but you do have to ask around.


-- remember where you've been; it helps with where you're going

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Re: Ferry and lodging
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: michael noel (---.hrfr.fibertech.)
Date:   03-09-16 06:22

I would fly, you save half a day and it costs about the same as a taxi from SJ and the ferry. Isla Grande airport cheaper flights.

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Re: Ferry and lodging
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   03-09-16 14:05

I also would go with the flying option, if you only have 3 days!!

Opposed to Will I would not spend the night in Fajardo and rather take the late ferry (if taking the ferry), since one avoids the day trip crowd! Waking up in Culebra is way better than getting up at 6AM to wait in line ... and getting to the beach around noon, exhausted!

Staying only 3 nights I would try to be on Flamenco or, if budget allows, Zoni!

Enjoy Culebra!


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