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Stranded here now
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: William Keyworth (
Date:   01-07-16 12:36

Help! I just arrived on Culebra with friend and my dog and thought I would be meeting up with someone who offered a place to stay. I had been in touch with this person right up to the day we arrived only to find out that the situation fell through. We came prepared to camp, and despite people saying that I could can't with a job we were immediately turned away from the campground at Flamingo Beach. Is there anyone in the area who would be willing to let us camp at their place until we found something more permanent?

I rented a golf cart for a week and we have all of our stuff strap to it including the dogs in a kennel and we are quite devastated, hungry, and tired. I take full responsibility for what his happened, but if someone could find it in their hearts to help us out for a couple of days that would be great. We are honest fun loving and kind of people.

-- remember where you've been; it helps with where you're going

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Re: Stranded here now
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: William Keyworth (
Date:   01-08-16 11:43

hi michael is there a way to edit or delete my posts?

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