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Re: What to do in Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: John W. (
Date:   07-15-14 08:07

I just saw that you are there for less than 18 hours. So my suggestion -

a. Sun sets around 7 pm - so perhaps watch sunset from Melones Beach or on hill above the beach.

b. Dinner out at one of restaurants.

c. Drive to watch a sunrise at Zoni beach and then a swim - get there before 6 am. You may see a turtle hatch. It takes 15 minutes from town.

d. Back into town for breakfast at Vibra Verde or Dinghy Dock- they open at 8 am.

e. After breakfast drive to Flamenco beach and walk to both ends - take a dip at the shark pen. The walk will take about 45 minutes.

Head back into town and grab a sandwich from Pan Deli for the ferry trip to Fajardo.

You will have seen most of the island and still have good relaxing activities.

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