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Re: snorkling
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Vicki moore (
Date:   07-05-11 23:53

"Vicki, was the road to soldado driveable? In a Jerry jeep?"
Yes, we went in a 4WD. Jerry did not mention staying on paved roads this trip and neither did he go over his "map" with us. There is no paved road going up to Casa del Sol but he knows this road and requires you to have a 4WD because it can get bad. We never had to use 4WD getting up to the house or getting to Soldado. We went very slow. There was a huge puddle of water but hubby waded into it to see how deep it was and we stayed to the right and got through it fine. We even had a guy on a motorcycle pass us getting back to Soldado. We went back there in 2008 and I think, actually the road was worse then. We were very cautious about acacia thorns as well as avoiding the ruts as much as possible.

Vicki in Tennessee

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