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Re: New Opportunities
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: David Adams (
Date:   01-21-11 09:19

Yes... It does require that we "import" our US Documented vessel into Puerto Rico, and there will be fees... There are always the fees! but we are considering it anyway. We would definately start a website, and could likely book through outside sources. Another consideration would be to purchase "another" boat that is already in Puerto Rico's waters and if we can find the right one we may consider it. We already own two, and are in the market for a mid-sized center console twin outboard for other forms of on-the-water services such as fishing or diving. Culebra may have a mildly sleepy market, but it is the type of place so many are looking for........ It is such a fine line to capitalize on that AND YET NOT CHANGE IT!

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