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Accommodations on the Beach
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (190.167.31.---)
Date:   03-09-09 07:36

Generally speaking (see below for exceptions), they do not exist on Culebra.

That is exactly what makes Culebra Culebra.

No development and a lot of beautiful beaches, that everybody, rich or poor, has to walk or drive to. It is illegal to build near the beach. More often than not the area behind the beach is National Park.

Please, when inquiring about accommodations, do not ask, 'I want to be on the beach'. - We all want to be on the beach and if we were - you would not want to be on the beach or you couldn't because you didn't have the millions.

Sooo, please make the life of our vacation rental owners, small hotel managers and agents a little easier by realizing that you want to come to Culebra, because the beaches are pristine and not overrun.

If you want pristine, on the beach and not overrun, pull out your pocket book and go to St. John's Caneel Bay, or something similar. They start at 510/nt plus 8%tax and 10%gratuity (mandatory).

You can stay on the beach with a tent on Flamenco. You will enjoy not only the beach but also, depending on when you come and where you pitch your tent, Latin 'joie de vivre', which we all need a little more of!

If the beach is a must, please only inquire with the establishments on Flamenco and on Tamarindo Beach!

Enjoy Culebra!


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