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Re: Dirty Streets in Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Culebra MJ (
Date:   09-23-08 13:26

You bring up a very valid, and very unpleasant fact. I have been to the ferry docks myself and spent most of the time picking up trash. Sometimes people join me, sometimes they just look at me like I'm nuts (shhh!). Every morning at my cart I usually pick up trash along the way, off the bridge (bottles and cups on the railing, shoved in any space), around the ground. It is overwhelming sometimes.
The ferry dock has a LOT of trash containers that unfortunately do not seem to get used anywhere near enough. I have even put up signs around the bridge area: If you love Culebra, keep her clean. Find a trash can and use it!
A number of us have also suggested that trash bags be handed out to incoming visitors (hey, the ferry is CHEAP, maybe paying a little more for a mandatory trash bag would help some). If you make trash while here, pick it up, put it in your trash bag or a trash can.
It doesn't say much of when one says they *love* something and then literally trash it.
Yes, I feel VERY strongly about this issue..I've seen parents watch their kids toss stuff on the ground and say nothing; how are they supposed to learn respect for their surroundings? Would I go into their house and dump my ashtray on the floor?????? And I smoke, so I know what I'm saying. Cigarette butts belong in the trash as well as plastic and paper and glass. Just a reminder. That trash that is thrown down often blows into the water, endangering marine life. That bottle you throw down cuts people's feet or ruins a tire.
Just say yes! to cleaning up after yourselves, and that goes for locals as well as visitors.

Thank you for bringing this up, it's very important. Have some respect, PLEASE! If every one just picks up something and makes sure it gets disposed of properly (ok, the diaper would be a hard one), even if it doesn't belong to you, it will help.

Sorry for the long post but, as noted, this is a huge pet peeve of mine and many others. YOU can help.

Save What's Left!

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