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Camping at Christmas
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Megan Duplantis (
Date:   09-04-08 13:37

Hi everyone! I love your forum and have been a lurker for some time. You all inspired me to take a detour from my camping trip around Puerto Rico with your tantalizing tidbits about laid back atmosphere, tourist trap free unspoiled caribbean beauty, and best of all a campground!

I have now booked a trip to return at Christmas for a whole week ( not like last time 2 days that turned into 4 'cause I didn't want to leave and go back to finish my round the Island tour... sigh )....... so I have a few questions for you......

1. Can I buy camp stove fuel anywhere on the Island?

2. When should I have my rental booked by? (golf cart preferably, suited us just fine last time) Who is the best place to rent from?

4. Is M.J's cart open during Christmas week? Gotta get me a bunch of hot sauce......

5. Is anything open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

6. How hard do you think finding a site in section E of Flamenco will be? Arriving on the last ferry on the 23.

7. Are the concession stands at Flamenco opened during Christmas week?

I think that's it..... for now anyway! LOL

Can't wait to come back. My husband and I loved Culebra so much that we are breaking two of our traveling rules, never go to the same place twice, and never take the kids on our international camping jaunts!

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