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Worth flying to Culebra?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Aimee Charette (
Date:   06-23-08 10:44

Hi folks,

I'll be returning for my 2nd trip to Culebra this August (loved it so much the 1st time, I had to come back!) The first time I visited, I took a taxi from San Juan to Fajardo and then the ferry to the island. While it's definitely a possibility to so the same thing this year, I'm also considering flying from San Juan directly to Culebra. Any thoughts?
I see that there are three small airlines:

Vieques Air Link
Air Flamenco
Isla Nena

I'm a little stumped about which would be the best to fly with? Any thoughts on the best? most reasonable? most reliable?

best wishes!

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Re: Worth flying to Culebra?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: palmettoculebra (
Date:   06-23-08 12:40

Good afternoon,
If you are alone &/or coming for a short time, flying would be the way to go. Much quicker & you can purchase your tickets in advance. This would certainly be a consideration, too, depending when you are coming as the ferries can fill up (this moring we had guests in line at 6:30 for the 9am boat & made it, but just).

Flamenco has the most flights b/c they primarily service Culebra, but Flamenco or Vieques Air Link both fly from the smaller, regional airport in San Juan & are $105/pp rt. Isla Nena tends to be more expensive & is more like a charter service without a real schedule.

Good luck.

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