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Trip Report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Donna Mills (
Date:   07-10-07 22:19

Hello All! I will try to be brief and not bore you all. First of all, WE LOVE CULEBRA!! Flamenco Beach is just beautiful, the sand feels like flour. Zoni is also just as beautiful, breath-taking, really. The surf is not as calm as it was at Flamenco, but still beautiful and wonderful swimming. We flew Flamenco Air from Isla Grande to Culebra. Both flights in and out were on time, very professional staff, very happy with the airline! The inbound flight was the most beautiful as we flew right over Flamenco and it was quite the sight from the air!! We stayed at Culebra Beach Villas #15. Room was clean and, even though they seemed full the whole week, the noise was not at all a problem. Lots of families enjoying their vacation. There are many roosters, chickens about the property (no need to worry about an alarm clock:) There were also many stray cats (I was concerned about their seemingly lack of care, but did buy cat food and feed them). The manager comes in at 0930 and leaves at 5pm. We had to rent our beach chairs $5/day/ rent paid....$60 we could get them at 0930, BUT they came anywhere from 4pm-430pm to get them back. We asked if we could return them and lock them back up after we were done, and were told no due to the chairs being stolen from the campground folks. That was an aggravation to us..the price AND not having them for as long as we wanted after paying $10/day. You also have to ask for clean towels. After day four, I took our towels to the office and was given more in exchange along with toilet paper and two trash bags. Oh, no washcloths or bath soap provided, so bring your own (I had brought a loofah for me, my husband could care less about a washcloth). The coffee maker did not work, but the manager did exchange our broken one for a new one without any problem. The air conditioner worked, but we did have to turn it off periodically because it froze up several times and sprayed water out on out bed. Dishwasher soap was in the room as was a microwave and full size frig. Probably would not stay there again, due to the beach chair rental and the manager making me feel as if I was a bother everytime I came into the office to rent chairs or buy a bag of ice ($2/bag) not friendly at all. We rented our jeep from Jerry. What a guy! Definitely would rent from him again. He gave us his famous map and a wonderful orientation to the island. He is just as warm and friendly in person as he was on the phone when I made our reservation. I felt like I had known him all my life and like I had a friend on the island. He had his phone number on the map, so we felt like if we had any problems or questions while we were there, we could call him. He is the BEST! Okay...bars, restaurants. Dingy Dock and Mamacita's, El Eden our favs! The lady at El Eden had closed the first night we were there, but let me in to get a bottle of rum! We had lunch there twice, and you MUST have one of her sandwiches and pastries! The BEST I've ever eaten, really! She makes her own bread and pastries daily. What a treat! Very nice, warm friendly folks! Had a mojito and beer at Club Seabourne...$12, one other guy at the bar having a drink, served up with an attitude....did not go back. Had dinner one night at El Caobo, good fish and pork chops. Had drinks at a bar across the parking lot from Happy Landings. Nice local hang out, met some good folks there. Met Molly and Jerry who have a real nice guest house, Casita Tropical. Good people and lots of fun! I hope this was not tooooo boring. We had a wonderful time and will DEFINITELY return. It IS the last virgin island!!! Got back Sunday and already wanna go back!!! Donna

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Re: Trip Report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   07-11-07 02:06

Donna, not boring at all! - Thank you for sharing and I hope you will make it back soon!

Enjoy Culebra!


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Re: Trip Report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: richard (
Date:   07-11-07 03:32

yup, that's Culebra.

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Re: Trip Report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Herbert Lindsay (
Date:   07-11-07 12:07

I am researching where to stay on Culebra and would appreciate hearing detailed description of your experience at Culebra Beach Villa's. What was the cost, quality, and comfort?

See my post, 30th Anniversary trip planning.




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