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Re: Turtle Nesting
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: MJ (
Date:   05-03-07 07:15

Plastic shopping bags, six pack can holders, balloons, styrofoam (think coolers that break apart, swim toys, food containers), ANY plastic can look like food in the water and have deadly consequences.
If you buy liquids with the can holders, cut each circle before throwing in the trash to keep the heads of birds, turtles, etc. from having a necklace that kills.
A little trash advice (take that however you like!) - plastic bags are very lightweight and blow out of trash cans (if you are kind enough to put them IN a trash can) so make sure you put them deep down in the can. Better yet, re-use them for your trash, and tie them up before throwing away. Better yet, use mesh or cloth bags for shopping! Ask for foil or paper take out containers, etc. It's the little things that make the difference...

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